Welcome to the first virtual laboratory of Performer Science!


– Developing the Sense of Creative Action: A Performer Science Workshop (21-23 Nov. 2014) in collaboration with the Creative Writing Alliance Malta (CWAM). Go to Laboratory for the workshop details.
– On 27 March we celebrate World Theatre Day. This year’s international message was written by South African playwright, designer, director and installation artist Brett Bailey.
-“Théȃtre organique: les exercises de l’acteur à travers le prisme de neurosciences”, workshops and lectures with the students of the École Superieure d’Art Dramatique at the Théȃtre National de Bretagne (Rennes, 9-14 December)

Please go to the NEWS page for further information.

The scope of Performer Science is to open spaces for personal creative growth through dialogue and joint action. Because knowledge is primarily our sphere of action, it concerns our everyday living, and science is the basic faculty by means of which we systematically project and explore our potentials for action.

Performer Science is a research project promoted also by the Italian Centre of UNESCO’s International Theatre Institutue ITI.

Regular visitors will notice ongoing changes in the content of these pages, as this virtual laboratory seeks to reflect a dynamic research process.
Your kind feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Victor E Jacono


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