Developing the Sense of Creative Action – 21-23 November 2014

An intensive Performer Science workshop in collaboration with the Creative Writing Alliance Malta (CWAM) will be held between 21 and 23 November. During this workshop for performers we shall be introducing the Performer Science approach to the following fundamental aspects of theatre making:
1. the action-spectator relationship
2. the action-text relationship
3. the actor-actor relationship
4. the actor-character relationship
5. the actor-agents relationship (space, light, sound, objects, costume…)
Further details may be obtained on the Laboratory page.

Performer Science at the Théȃtre National de Bretagne

A very intensive week of workshops and lectures in Rennes with Gabriele Sofia, Daria Lippi and the students of the  École Superieure d’Art Dramatique at the Théȃtre National de Bretagne has just come to an end. Under the title “Théȃtre organique: les exercises de l’acteur à travers le prisme de neurosciences”, the workshops and presentations focused on cognitive aspects of the actor-spectator relationship and on how the performer’s science and cognitive neuroscience might dialogue to produce further insights into the creativity of human cognition.

Dialoghi tra teatro e neuroscienze 2013

For the fifth consecutive year, the Sapienza University of Rome will host artists, performers, directors, scholars and neuroscientists, coming from various European and American centres of research for the International Conference “Dialogues between theatre and neuroscience”. In which ways can disciplines change through interdisciplinary encounter? In which ways can knowledge from theatre influence studies in neuroscience? In which ways can information and paradigms from neuroscience modify theatre cultures at both the performative and academic levels? These topics will be the focus of two days of dialogue, debate and contaminations. The conference ” will be held on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in Via dei Volsci 122. An evening performance/presentation, will be held at the Piccolo Eliseo Patroni Griffi theatre on Thursday, 6 June. For a detailed program click here.


Finestre sul Giovane Teatro 2013

From 17 to 19 May 2013, Teatro Ridotto (Bologna) will be holding the 5th edition of Finestre sul Giovane Teatro, a project dedicated to the encounter between young people who bring their visions and instruments to an exchange between their respective theatre practices. The scope is to provide spaces where important elements for the work of the actor may be addressed by means of the exchange of training exercises and work demonstrations, but also through reflection and dialogue. Finestre is organised by Lina dell Rocca and Renzo Filippetti from Teatro Ridotto, with the collaboration of Victor Jacono and Silvia Mei, and the participation of Prof. Marco De Marinis of Bologna University. As an action which supports the dimension of young theatre practitioners in Italy, this year Finestre is also being promoted by the Italian Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). Further details are available  in the Laboratory section on this website.


ITI’s World Theatre Day 2013

On 27 March 2013, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and theatre organisations worldwide celebrate World Theatre Day. The message for this year’s occasion was written by Dario Fo. Further information on the 51st edition of World Theatre Day may be obtained here. For activities being held in Italy visit the website of the Italian centre.


5th edition of Metodi Festival

Performer Science highlights the 5th edition of Metodi Festival, international conferences, workshops and encounters focusing on the actor’s craft, from 29 Sept. to 7  Oct. 2012.
The evening of 3 Oct. will be dedicated to a talk between Paolo Asso and Victor Jacono on the relationship between theatre, the performer’s pedagogy and cognitive neuroscience. Further information about the Festival may be found here.


A day in the memory of Fabrizio Cruciani – “La Sapienza”, 2nd October

The University of Roma, “La Sapienza” will be holding a Day in the memory of Fabrizio Cruciani, on Tuesday, 2nd October 2012.
Cruciani’s studies, especially his perspective on the development of the performer’s pedagogy since Stanislavski and Copeau, constitute a fundamental point of reference for Performer Science.
Click here for information. The event will also be transmitted live in streaming at this link.


Performer Science at “Stories of Stars and Acrobats – forms of theatre between Turkey and the EU”

This Summer I shall be bringing a Performer Science contribution to the International Theatre Summer School in Istanbul, which is being held as part of the project “Stories of stars and acrobats – forms of theatre between Turkey and the EU”, with an intensive, theoretical and practical seminar entitled “The creative sense of action”. The seminar will draw upon the instruments of actor-training and cognitive science to help participants gain insights into the workings of scenic action, the key to the performer’s creativity. “Stories of stars and acrobats” is a project carried out by the General Secretariat of the International Theatre Institute (based at UNESCO, France), in a partnership with the ITI Turkish Centre (Turkey) and Form360 (Italy), and in collaboration with the University of Salento (Italy) and Astràgali Teatro (Italy).


Performer Science highlights the 50th Anniversary of World Theatre Day 27 March 2012 will mark the 50th anniversary of the World Theatre Day, an intiative created and promoted by the International Theatre Institute ITI since 1961. Click here for further information and read the message to theatre makers written by John Malkovich especially for the occasion of World Theatre Day 2012. A calendar of World Theatre Day events coordinated by the ITI Italian Centre is available here.


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